Head of Computer Vision & 3D Graphics

  • BHO Tech
  • San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Jun 07, 2024
Full time Engineering

Job Description

* * * * ABOUT US* * * *

Based in San Francisco, we are a team with a passion for great design, user experience, hardware, software, and sports. Together we share the commitment to create products that connect the human body with technology in a magical way. We're working to become the most empowering consumer company of the 21st century.

We are a seed stage startup company backed by renowned investors such as Y Combinator and Stanford StartX.

Our first product, we are the first photorealistic 3D body scanner that shows you how your body changes over time. It's not only a game changer for fitness but also an enabler for a number of fashion, healthcare, and AR / VR applications. We have recently started to take pre-orders and received thousands of pre-orders worth several million Dollars.

* * * * ABOUT YOU * * * *

We are looking for a talented computer vision engineer with an entrepreneurial spirit to join our team and help us achieve our technology goals. In this role, you will work on the acquisition, processing, and analysis of the data captured by us.

A very rewarding role made for driven individuals who are excited to take on large responsibilities and solve unique technical challenges. It’s a role that will allow you to grow your own personal, managerial and technical skill-set inside of a thriving startup environment.

* * * * RESPONSIBILITIES * * * *

* Select, evaluate, test and potentially design 3D scanning methods and systems. 
* Apply mathematical (geometry, linear algebra, numerical methods, error analysis) and machine learning methods to prototype and develop algorithms for converting raw depth sensor data into point clouds, 2D and 3D tracking like SLAM, 3D point cloud reconstruction, registration, and classification as well as texture projection and completion. 
* Develop existing and new body parameterization, segmentation, correspondence, registration, posture estimation and analysis methods and algorithms. 
* Implement substantial portions of production code in C / C++ 
* Optimize code for running on CPU and GPU on embedded and non-embedded platforms 
* Generate and evaluate functional and design specifications 
* Participate in defining product requirements 
* Help to recruit and lead a team of computer scientist

* * * * REQUIREMENTS * * * *


* MS in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Physics or Computer Vision 
* Must possess a strong background in Computer Vision / Graphics 
* 2 years _direct_ academic or commercial experience minimum ⚡️ 
* Experience with 3D reconstruction from camera images and depth sensors 
* Outstanding skills in C# and C++ with experience in writing robust and maintainable production code 
* Experience in developing computer vision/imaging and machine learning algorithms for embedded and non-embedded platforms 
* Knowledge of object classification, template matching, or other machine learning methods for computer vision 
* Very comfortable with 3D computational geometry, linear algebra, statistics, numerical methods and error analysis 
* Experience in optimization on GPU / CPU / other architectures (Metal, OpenCL, CUDA, SSE, NEON, OpenMP or other SIMD) 
* Experience with 3D meshes / Object reconstruction / registration / classification/ recognition 
* Experience with 2D and 3D tracking algorithms such as SLAM 
* Knowledge of WebGL / OpenGL / OpenCV/ video codec / video processing 
* Testing, documentation, and verification of computer vision algorithms 
* Training and evaluation of computer vision algorithms on large datasets


* D. in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Physics or Computer Vision. 
* Prior experience involving 3D scanning or measurement of the human body is a big plus. 
* Completion and deployment of significant computer vision projects in a commercial environment. 
* Experience with existing computer vision libraries such as OpenCV, PCL, CGAL, Eigen, etc. 
* Experience with Texture projection, generation, completion using patch match algorithms. 
* Experience with computational imaging/photography. 
* Experience with machine learning algorithm such as SVM, decision forest, deep learning, etc.
* Experience with embedded Linux / Linux Kernel / Drivers 
* Experience with imaging sensors and camera module packaging/manufacturing/calibration/testing

* * * * BENEFITS * * * *

* Competitive salary and equity 
* Flexible work schedule, unlimited holidays with a mandatory 15 days/year off. 
* Great, comprehensive health insurance (100% covered) 
* Visa sponsorship (if needed) 
* Catered lunches and healthy snacks 
* Top of the line Apple and Windows equipment of choice that you think you need to work comfortably and efficiently 
* A fun, creative and collaborative environment of a young startup company with a driven, agile and adept international team 
* The opportunity to have an impact on millions of people and make them happier and healthier


C++, Computer Vision, C, OpenGL, WebGL, OpenCV, Embedded Linux, Point Cloud Library, GPU Computing, PCL, Eigen, SLAM, CGAL, 3D Scanning, object tracking/recognition, 3D reconstruction, Computer Vision (3D Vision), Depth Sensing, PCL (Point Cloud Lib), RGBD-Sensing, Intel Real Sense SDK, 3D Geometry


$130K – $200K and higher (DOE)
1.0% – 5.0%

Visa Sponsorship


Best Regards,
Kris Young
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BHO Tech
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