Software Engineer

  • BHO Tech
  • San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Jan 18, 2023
Full time Engineering

Job Description

As a Software Engineer, you will build technology to help high-potential candidates showcase and develop the skills needed to get family-supporting, middle skill careers.


The American middle class is shrinking and economic mobility is historically low. Simultaneously, there are millions of open "middle skill" jobs that employers struggle to fill – helping companies hire candidates for these roles is one of the best ways to reverse this trend and increase the middle class.

We help companies hire candidates for stable, family-supporting careers, starting with positions in sales. We do this by finding and evaluating candidates based on their competencies, not their credentials or pedigree (only 30% of Americans have a college degree, but 60% of employers require it for middle skill roles). By empowering candidates to prove their potential, we allow employers hire better people faster, and gives candidates a fair shot at the careers they desire and deserve.

We are based in SOMA and bootstrapped to profitability with a few great early customers before raising a $3.8MM seed round from top investors.

As a Software Engineer, you will work directly with the CEO and Head of Engineering to build the products, systems and team to help companies hire for in-demand middle skill roles.

- Short-term: Create assessment platform to evaluate candidate’s cognitive, non-cognitive and job-specific skills. 
- Medium-term: Develop last-mile training system (either using 3rd party system or built in-house) to provide candidates targeted microcourses connected to employer demands. 
- Long-term: Build system to match candidates to companies based on experience, skills, and interests.

- A missionary, not a mercenary 
- Long-term commitment to the company 
- Persistent and resilient with a strong work ethic

- Customer/candidate/problem obsessed 
- Eager to use data and feedback to proactively improve our core product offering 
- Analytical thinker excited and able to contribute outside core domain

- 1-4yrs of experience at a start-up or tech company 
- Well versed in web-based software architecture 
- Excellent full-stack skills for web application development, with expertise in 
- At least one front-end framework -- AngularJS/React/Ember etc (we use React, but are ok if you're not an expert yet) 
- At least one server side framework -- Node.js/RoR/Django etc (we use Ruby on Rails but are ok if you're not an expert yet). 
- Database architecture (SQL/NoSQL) 
- Expertise in cloud-based infrastructure setup/hosting (AWS) and basic DevOps


Full Stack Development, Backend Development, Frontend Development, Ruby on Rails, React.js


$90K – $140K and higher (DOE)
0.25% – 1.0%

Visa Sponsorship

Not available

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