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  • Feb 05, 2024
Full time Engineering

Job Description

The Machine Learning Tech Lead will work with our AI and ML team to drive the technical vision for our AI pipeline infrastructure. This role will drive the future of our AI systems and applications. We are looking for someone with 1) experience deploying large-scale, production-ready machine learning systems with a large user base and 2) expertise in state-of-the-art machine learning and deep learning algorithms. 

We are looking for someone excited about our mission - building smart, flying robots. We focus on applied AI and work with our clients’ top innovation teams (large engineering, construction, and infrastructure firms) - on use cases that apply across millions of deployments and job sites. We have worked with these global innovation partners for years in spreading our high precision drone mapping technology at scale across the world. Some of these partners include Komatsu, Bechtel, AT&T, and Goldwind. 

AI with us:

Our mission is to build smart, flying robots. We use tools like drones, cameras, and IoT sensors to capture the physical world and create structured data which can be fed into machine learning models. 

The ultimate application is to build the Automated Jobsite of the Future. This involves automating heavy machinery, analyzing productivity and efficiency of assets on construction and mining sites; building driverless UAV inspection solutions; and bringing all of these applications to disconnected remote sites with our on-the-edge devices. 

What you'll do:

  • Architect our AI pipeline infrastructure focusing on deploying on our edge platform
  • Oversee and develop practical, scalable, and production-ready solutions using ML models alongside the AI team
  • Work with our other engineering teams (Product Engineering, Infrastructure, Hardware/Firmware, etc) to integrate AI modules into production environment to produce a complete turnkey solution
  • Build the AI platform following the Core Tenets of our AI team (see below)

We are looking for:

  • A leader who is not afraid of calling the elephant in the room
  • A champion and supporter of a diverse team
  • With industry experience deploying production-ready machine learning systems. Some areas we are interested in: AI in the wild; AI platforms deployed and used at scale; Federated learning on multiple edge devices
  • Hands on experience with: ML libraries and DL libraries (e.g. TensorFlow, Theano, Keras); Computer Vision libraries (e.g. OpenCV); Ingesting non-IP based protocols (e.g. Modbus, BACnet); Large-scale infrastructure (e.g. Spark, Mesos, Akka)
  • Worked on a range of machine learning problems in different industries
  • Believer in different machine learning approaches
  • Excited to mentor and develop the technical skills of other team members
  • Enthusiastic about working with a global team
  • Passionate about our mission!

Core Tenets of our AI team:

  • Scalability: Ability to ingest a lot of data from thousands of global users with different constraints (e.g. network constraints, hardware, etc)
  • Production-readiness: Ability to integrate ML models into our existing cloud and hardware infrastructure. Even prototypes must be built with final production in mind.
  • Modularity: Thoughtfully constructing our ML stack so that modules can be used for different use cases. Think micro-services rather than a single monolithic application.
  • Distributed computing: Multiple edge devices that can perform ML tasks

More about Us:

We create industrial strength products, services, and solutions that power some of the most complex projects on the planet. We capture the world's physical data and create visual intelligence to help people operate faster, safer, and smarter than ever before. We are the industry leader for commercial UAV applications and data-imaging, building revolutionary products and providing unparalleled service. 

We are a platform for capturing data using small autonomous aerial robots. Our product is built for enterprise with safety, strength, and reliability in mind. It can cover large geographic areas, be equipped with different sensors depending on the customer’s needs, and operate in challenging climates and terrains.

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