Machine Learning / NLP Engineer

  • BHO Tech
  • Mountain View, CA, United States
  • Jun 07, 2024
Full time Engineering

Job Description

Job Description:
Machine Learning / NLP Engineer
Berkeley · Full Time

Our company is an education technology company focused on changing the way writers receive feedback on their writing. Instead of waiting days for a person to read through and provide feedback manually, our users receive immediate and actionable comments within seconds that encompass far more than just grammar and spelling. Our team consists of people with backgrounds from linguists to machine learning to software engineering, and our work is a unique blend of these talents. With roots stemming from UC Berkeley, the flagship of public education, our office is just a few blocks down the street in the middle of Downtown Berkeley.

Job Description

We are looking for someone who is interested in developing a state-of-the-art system for catching and providing suggestions for language learner mistakes. You should be passionate about writing and helping people write effectively through AI-assisted tools.

Our ideal candidate will have experience building data / machine learning pipelines and shipping products with a strong ML component. We especially would prefer someone who has experience iteratively improving models by feeding back labeled data (active learning).

- Build and implement natural language processing, machine learning and deep learning models
- Build custom models for enterprise clients
- Implement and improve rule-based NLP systems
- Create training / test sets that are artificially generated, manually created or crowdsourced
- Ensure data quality
- Manage contractors and interns to clean data and create test sets

Required Skills
- 1-3 years work experience doing ML work
- Intuitive understanding of matrix multiplication, gradient calculations and probability
- Experience with numerical (NumPy, SciPy) and machine learning libraries (TensorFlow, scikit-learn, Stan, etc.)
- Proficiency in Python
- Experience using version control systems (e.g. Git) and cloud services (e.g. AWS)

- Experience with NLP models (parsing, sequence labeling, etc.)
- Experience with deep learning (word2vec, RNN, etc.)
- Graduate-level research in computer science, statistics or any other relevant fields
- Ability to deploy ML models at scale
- Experience with active learning

- Competitive compensation
- Equity
- Company funded Medical, dental, vision insurance, FSA
- 401k
- Commuter benefits
- Company provided lunch on workdays
- Foosball table!

Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning

Kris Young
Account Director
BHO Tech
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