Front-End Software Engineer

  • BHO Tech
  • San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Nov 17, 2022
Full time Engineering

Job Description

The Product Team is responsible for designing, building, testing, and quite literally reinventing television, the most engaging product ever created, across web, mobile, and TV platforms. Just as television is about more than simply watching an episode of your favorite show, so too does our work extend well beyond the play button. We take TV schedules, movie and show metadata, live and on-demand feeds, recordings, real-time localized usage metrics, cross-device interoperability, and individualized viewing habits, preferences, restrictions, and notifications - massaging it all into a comprehensive and seamless TV experience. We are positioned at the forefront of both web TV and front-end development technologies, building on DRM-decrypting HTML5 video along with a modern workflow leveraging React and ES6.

As a frontend engineer you will be responsible for: 
- Iteratively designing and improving upon our video players, application UIs, and cross-device interoperability. 
- Architecting real-time data syncing across clients and servers. 
- Prototyping, testing, and iterating upon new features. 
- Improving and incorporating cross-platform metrics to continually measure engagement and usage patterns

A strong candidate is very comfortable: 
- developing in plain JavaScript, 
- building and maintaining large scale single page applications 
- working in a codebase with multiple contributors

5+ years of software development experience is preferred.


Javascript, HTML, CSS, User Interface Design, React.js, Es6


$120K – $150K and higher (DOE)
0.1% – 0.1%

Visa Sponsorship


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