Senior Software Engineer - Frontend

  • BHO Tech
  • San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Nov 10, 2021
Full time Engineering

Job Description

# What we bring

- An environment where it matters to make the right design decisions the first time. "Move fast and break things" doesn't really work for the type of system that we build. We take less technical debt than other companies.

- With us, engineers make the product decisions with input from business people, instead of business / product people making decisions with input from engineers

- We'd rather have one strong, well-compensated engineer instead of having 5 mediocre engineers. Our customers are fine with fewer features, but are not ok with broken features.

- Small, accountable and autonomous teams of amazing people, eager to learn, teach and constantly improve our way of working.

- We believe that great individual contributors generate as much (or more!) value as engineering managers, and we compensate them accordingly.

# What you bring

- Exceptional technical background.

- Strong sense of ownership and accountability for what you're building. What you build today will be the foundation for dozens of other systems in the future.

- Frankness on discussing technical matters. If you disagree with how things are being done, we encourage you to speak up. You can attack an idea without attacking the person behind it.

- Passion for code. We love people that take pride in and love programming, especially if they've done so since a very young age.

# . . .

We'd love to meet you! Please share with us details of what you've worked on and what matters to you (personally and from a technical standpoint). Don't worry too much about your resumé. Be genuine, not official.


Javascript, CSS, Software Development, AngularJS, Elixir, React.js, Vue.Js, Webpack, Redux


$180K – $250K and higher (DOE)
0.05% – 0.5%

Visa Sponsorship

Not available

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