iOS Engineer

  • BHO Tech
  • San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Jul 08, 2024
Full time Engineering

Job Description

As an iOS Engineer your primary objective is to support and expand upon the software powering various iOS Applications. You will be expected to work across both Swift and Objective-C. You will report directly to the Director of Engineering.

Prerequisites for this position entail:

- Exhibited core competency in Objective-C and Swift. 
- Experience with idiomatic libraries such as AFNetworking (Alamofire). 
- Past work with continuous integration, testing, and deployment of iOS applications. 
- Understanding of the XCode toolchain, and supplementary tools such as Fastlane. 
- Comfort with design tooling such as Sketch and Zeppelin. 
- Exhibited competence with Git and associated collaboration workflows.

Core responsibilities and expectations in this role include:

- Maintenance, improvement, and deployment of the Consumer Application. 
- Maintenance and expansion of internal suite of internal iOS applications.

Additional expectations for highly qualified individuals in this role include:

- Willingness to offer IT support for warehouse operations personnel, concierge team members, and fellow engineers. 
- Understanding of Agile Development methodologies and associated tooling. 
- Familiarity with CRM concepts or comparable experience with Salesforce CRM. 
- Knowledge of containerized software and tooling, such as Docker and ECS. 
- Comfort with popular back-end languages such Python, and/or Go

Success Metrics

Your ability to add value and success in your role will be tracked by the following metrics: 
- Scoping Accuracy - Engineers are asked to assess and compartmentalize a given project into a series of tasks. Scoping Accuracy is measured by the percentage of tasks created at the beginning of a project, over the final count of tasks at the end of a project. 
- Estimate Accuracy - Engineers are asked to assess the relative difficulty of a given task by classifying it within a set of time ranges. Estimate Accuracy is measured by the percentage of tasks successfully completed within the time ranges previously assessed by the developer, over those that miss the estimate.

Growth Opportunities and Expected Milestones

We strongly believe in promoting from within, and affording our team members the opportunity to target their career growth. Based on your continued positive performance in your role as described above you will have the following opportunities available to move and progress in your career. 
- Access to management opportunities - If you prefer to assist with and hire out teams, this is a perfect route for you. Technical managers are one of the most important roles at any software company. A high degree of technical competence coupled with an exhibited proclivity for helping your teammates will set you apart for this career route. 
- Access to deeply technical roles - If you prefer the “nuts and bolts” of the programming community, this route is for you. With access to opportunities in robotics, machine learning, and augmented reality- there are plenty of opportunities in the suite of applications that are perfect for you. 
- Access to research and development roles - If you prefer the theoretical to the practical, have an eye for IP, or simply want to expand what is possible with the “API for your things”; this track is for you. We are currently looking to improve the defensible position and technical competency of its platform. Highly motivated and technical leaders can help shape our product roadmap, and produce compelling value for new developers to the company.

Conduct & Work Ethic Guidelines 

New hires understand that by being apart of us, his or her actions and conduct directly reflect us, our brand and other employees. This obligation is a full time responsibility that is not restricted to office hours or limited to time amongst co-workers or our members. 

Our employees will report promptly for and participate fully in all mandatory meetings, events, & outings scheduled for or by the company. These scheduled obligations may not fall within “traditional” work hours, and may often include nights and weekends. 

New hires acknowledge that each staff member is immediately held to the highest standard of work ethic and productivity, bypassing traditional grace periods. 

We are a unique work environment where employees share an exceptional drive to create and deliver an “insanely great” product and magical experience. The highest level of proactiveness, self discipline and respect is required in order to successfully integrate with the team and these attributes are deemed equally as important as their work ability.


Git, Fastlane, Swift/Objective C/iOS/Xcode, AlamoFire


$115K – $140K and higher (DOE)
0.15% – 0.25%

Visa Sponsorship

Not available

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