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  • BHO Tech
  • San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Jul 08, 2024
Full time Engineering

Job Description

Job Description

We believe the car is the next great technology platform with the impact to change humanity for generations. We are working on some of automotive’s most challenging and exciting initiatives such as mobility, connected cars, and digital services. We’re hiring people who want to solve some of today’s most complex engineering challenges while making a positive impact.

Best of both worlds: 
We are a startup that was recently purchased by Volvo. We have maintained our fast, nimble culture while adding the resources and scale of Volvo. The technology you build will be in the hands of millions of Volvo owners and cars worldwide.

We are looking for a skilled Software Engineer who believes in our values and mission and is passionate about building great products.

“We believe…” 
- in radical truth and transparency. Sharing information more broadly means -- 
- everyone can make better decisions. Constantly seeking the truth through hard - facts and data lead to generally more optimal outcomes. 
- in having very high standards and taking great pride in our work. 
- in working hard and with purpose. Everything should be tied back to a deeper goal. 
- in having fun and not taking ourselves too seriously. 
- in enjoying each other’s company. We welcome those with diverse backgrounds and experiences, however, there is shared a commonality in our values that bind us as friends and colleagues. 
- that no one is above the company -- ever. 
- in thinking and acting like an owner. Owners think about things holistically and proactively do what is necessary to achieve success. They own their outcomes and never brush away issues even if it’s not in their direct domain.

- Improve our infrastructure platform, by reducing the POFs, automatize all the manual maintenance tasks and enhance our auto scaling policy. 
- Take part in our continuous delivery workflow in order to allow teams to deploy/rollback quickly, without any downtime. 
- Build a monitoring and logging solution of our clusters and services with customizable alerting. 
- Periodically review the security of our servers and engineering processes, to reduce breaches/risks. 
- Design our multi region architecture.

Required Skills: 
- 4+ years experience in Linux administration (netstat, tcpdump, perf, top, …) 
- 3+ years professional experience in AWS (ec2, vpc, rds, iam, apigateway) 
- 3+ years professional experience in any programming language 
- 2+ years experience in bash/shell 
- 1+ year(s) experience with Docker (understanding of docker container networking) 
- 1+ year(s) experience with Nginx (knowing some directives) 
- Understanding of the OSI layers and the most famous protocols 
- Strong security practices (certificates, permissions, passwords) 
- Ability to quickly debug unknown errors (google, documentation, tools, …) 
- General knowledge about modern software stacks

Optional Skills: 
- Experience with Kubernetes 
- Experience with Mesos

We don't provide equity, however, we compensate in $$$ bonuses in addition to competitive salary.


Python, Information Security, Linux, Bash, Nginx, Security, Docker, AWS, Kubernetes


$150K – $200K  and higher (DOE)
No Equity

Visa Sponsorship


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