Hardware Optimization Engineer

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  • San Francisco, CA, United States
  • Jul 08, 2024
Full time Engineering

Job Description

Job Description:
Hardware Optimization Engineer
Redwood City · Full Time

Job Description

Company Description:

We are a deep-learning based computer vision company. Computer vision, particularly deep-learning based techniques, traditionally require enormous amounts of compute, which has significantly limited the impact these techniques have had until now. We have developed breakthrough algorithms that allow us to run deep-learning based computer vision directly on embedded platforms, without the need for cloud-connectivity, using the existing hardware and cameras that are already deployed in the world. The applications for this technology are endless: we have more customers than we know what to do with. Join us, and help us truly apply AI to change the world.

Job Description:

As a hardware optimization engineer, you will be helping to ensure that our platform runs efficiently on a variety of modern hardware platforms. This includes implementing our core computation kernels in an efficient way for architectures such as ARM CPUs, mobile GPUs, DSPs, as well as more exotic architectures. In order to extract as much performance as possible, you will need to develop a deep understanding of the higher-level computer vision algorithms that differentiate our platform.
You should have expertise in performance benchmarking, low-level assembly and intrinsic tuning, and background in computer vision (or related field such as computer graphics, machine learning, computational math, etc) to understand the high-level algorithms, all skills that you will use every day.

Job Themes:

We do not do research: We are working at the cutting-edge and make research-level breakthroughs, but our focus is driving value for our customers, not writing research papers.
We work hard: We pride ourselves on delivering product to our customers, on-time and on-spec. To do this, we work smart, and we work hard.

Required Skills:

- 3+ years of industrial work experience
- Strong C++ programming experience
- Experience with performance profiling and single-threaded optimization on x86, ARM, NEON, CUDA, or DSP instruction sets.
- Experience working with numerical-based applications such as Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Computer Graphics.
- Experience developing large scale deployable software products
- Experience working in large, complex codebases
- Familiarity with version control tools such as GIT, CVS, SVN, etc.
- Familiarity with project management tools such as BitBucket, Jira, etc.
- BS in Computer Science/Engineering or related software-based field.
- MS or PhD preferred

Embedded Systems, DSP, Performance Optimization of Software Systems, Embedded C/C++

$125K – $175K
0.05% – 0.15%
Visa Sponsorship
Not available

Kris Young
Account Director
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