Sr. Manager/Director, Software Engineering

  • BHO Tech
  • Palo Alto, CA, United States
  • Jul 08, 2024
Full time Engineering

Job Description


IT-Software Development: Computer-Network Security, Database Development-Administration, Desktop Service and Support, Enterprise Software Implementation & Consulting, General-Other: IT-Software Development, IT Project Management, Software-System Architecture, Usability-Information Architecture

Job Description:

Our company is a web services and applications written by thousands of internal developers and tens of thousands of customers to provide the largest business automation cloud on the planet. The compute infrastructure that enables this innovation and value is evolving to fully embrace lights-out operations, single-click deploy to tens of thousands of nodes, and services that self-heal and self-optimize. We are looking to add experienced distributed systems engineers who can step up and own big chunks of that vision.

Job Requirements:

Some attributes of successful candidates

Passionate about Continuous Delivery and driving teams to adopt this delivery model
Experience with Container technologies like Docker
Experience with Artifact Repositories (Docker Registry, Artifactory, Nexus, etc.)
Experience with Source Control Systems (Perforce, GitHub, etc.)
Passionate about engineering productivity and service ownership and customer success
Eat, sleep, and breathe services. You have experience balancing live-site management, feature delivery, and retirement of technical debt across an entire development team.
Ability to thrive in start-from-zero development efforts. No code, no team, both - you're not fazed.
A passion for leading development teams in the creation of large, modular, and maintainable code bases.
An unwavering love of shipping software.
Strong, heartfelt opinions on CAP theorem, can sketch out four different consistency models on a single napkin and defend each of them, and understand Paxos, Raft, and Zookeeper at an implementation level.
Familiarity with crash-only and recovery-oriented software design.
Excited by building reliable, self-healing services on unreliable hardware.
Experience designing, developing, debugging, and operating resilient distributed systems that run across thousands of compute nodes in multiple datacenters.
Agilista capable of driving and delivering thin slices of end-to-end functionality on a regular cadence with data-driven feedback loops


10+ years of development experience
4+ years managing development or mixed engineering teams
Experience with Java and/or C++ in a Linux/UNIX data center environment
Experience owning and operating multiple instances of a mission critical service
Experience with Agile development methodology and Test-Driven Development
Experience using telemetry and metrics to drive operational excellence
Experience growing high performing engineering teams
Experience doing whatever it takes to get it shipped, including buying the pizza

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