Software Engineer - Image Processing / Computer Vision

  • BHO Tech
  • Sunnyvale, CA, USA
  • Jul 08, 2024
Full time Engineering

Job Description

We are looking for a highly skilled, energetic software engineer to join our team. The primary role of this position is improving and building upon the codebase of our image processing pipeline for converting drone-based imagery of agricultural fields into maps of plant traits. Phenotyping here means the measurement of crop traits which are expressions of the plant’s genes, and we have developed a drone-based imaging system to do it. Tasks include: camera model calibration, georeferencing & image registration, transformation from raw pixel values to physical units, data extraction within regions of interest, and feature extraction.

The position will be based at our company headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA, with occasional travel to test out your work in agricultural areas.


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related area
Experience manipulating georeferenced imagery and/or remote sensing image processing
Fluency and strong skills in Python
Excellent communication and teamwork skills
In addition, the following are a plus:

Computer vision programming experience, familiarity with camera calibration
Familiarity with reference frame transformations
Familiarity with GDAL to manipulate raster images, coordinate reference system conversion
CUDA programming experience
Programming experience creating and modifying GIS file types (e.g. shapefiles)
Deep learning or other machine learning
Fluency in C++
Advanced degree in Computer Science or related technical areas; senior candidates are encouraged to apply

Please include a brief message about how your interests and background match this position. We offer competitive compensation including healthcare and retirement benefits, and commuter benefits such as CalTrain passes, mobile Wi-Fi hotspots, and flexible work hours.

Best Regards,
Kris Young
Account Manager
BHO Tech
San Jose, San Francisco CA
Phone: 866 816-1615 x 823